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Michigan Coaching Search: LSU Confirms Les Miles Met With Michigan

An earlier report stating that Les Miles met with Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon on Monday night has been confirmed by LSU. The school's athletic director, Joe Alleva, also released the following statement about Miles: "We continue to work with Coach Miles and we remain committed to keeping him as the head coach of LSU football well into the future."

According to WBRZ, a TV station in Baton Rouge, Miles had dinner at VooDoo BBQ after meeting at his condo with Brandon. Miles' wife, as well as his agent, George Bass, joined him for dinner, as there was undoubtedly a lot to talk about following the meeting with Brandon.

Brandon flew home to Michigan after the meeting with Miles and was greeted at Willow Run Airport by reporters. He was asked for comment about his trip and where he was coming from and jokingly said, "Hawaii was terrific." It's common knowledge that he was in Baton Rouge to meet with Miles, but Brandon is keeping true to his promise of being secretive about the goings on with the Michigan coaching search.

ESPN's Pat Forde reported late Monday night that the meeting between Miles and Michigan concluded "without a resolution." As it stands right now, the Michigan head coaching job has not yet been filled and Miles has not taken his name out of the running for it. It's unknown if Michigan actually offered the job to Miles or not, but the momentum certainly seems to be building toward that conclusion.