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LSU's Les Miles Thinks Highly Of New Michigan Coach Brady Hoke

Monday night, after it came out that LSU's Les Miles and Michigan's Dave Brandon met with each other down in Baton Rouge, the general consensus was that Miles was going to be the Wolverines' next head football coach. As it turns out, however, Miles ended up staying at LSU and Michigan instead hired San Diego State's Brady Hoke.

On Tuesday at the American Football Coaches Association convention in Dallas, Miles vaguely discussed his meeting with Brandon, saying that they "took a good portion of an evening" on Monday. Miles added that his commitment to LSU was too strong in the end, but he did not say if he was actually offered the Michigan job or not. (Brandon claims that an offer was never made to Miles.) He also said this:

"I had a very nice talk with the Michigan AD. He obviously is going to provide great leadership for them. His concerns and his direction is straightforward. He represented Michigan as I would have as an alumnus, and ex-Michigan player, and I couldn't be happier with the way things turned out. I will root very strongly for my alma mater.

Miles admitted that he took the time to picture himself as Michigan's head coach, but he is "at peace" with not roaming the sidelines of Michigan Stadium.

"I am at peace with not coaching Michigan," he said. "The want to have our school as an alumnus be successful and do right things. That's my greatest concern. I'm sure it's David's as well, David Brandon's, and I can't imagine it won't be addressed and done right.

Miles' final comments about Michigan dealt specifically with Hoke. He said that when at Oklahoma State, he tried to hire Hoke as an assistant. Miles added that Hoke will be a "great representative of the University of Michigan" and that he thinks "very highly of him."