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Video: Watch Brady Hoke's Introductory Press Conference

Michigan introduced new head football coach Brady Hoke today at a press conference Wednesday. Athletic director Dave Brandon made opening remarks, talking largely about the search process before explaining why Hoke was the man for Michigan. Hoke then took the podium and displayed the enthusiasm (and emotion) that surely appealed to Brandon. The presser concluded with Brandon taking questions from the media.

(Did Brandon take some shots at Rich Rodriguez along the way? You make the call.)

We posted a rundown of notes earlier in the day at SB Nation Detroit, but it’s always better to see the real thing in action. Hoke has been something of a mystery figure, known in Ann Arbor as an assistant coach before becoming the head coach at Ball State and San Diego States, two programs not regularly seen on national television.

It’s one thing to describe Hoke’s obvious passion for the job, as well as some of his eccentricities as a public speaker that may prove amusing in the years to come, but another to watch them yourself. Hoke may not be the most polished speaker, but the presser provided a glimpse of why so many players and coaches speak well of the man.