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Tate Forcier's Dad Says Son Wants To Stay In Ann Arbor

Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon dropped the bombshell that quarterback Tate Forcier was no longer with the team on Wednesday during Brady Hoke’s introductory press conference. Today, Forcier’s father spoke out about his son’s status with the school:

“I can tell you this — he didn’t fail his classes,” Mike Forcier said in the report. “I’m really not sure what’s going on. I just flew into Ann Arbor to figure everything out and see how we can get this whole thing resolved.”

Forcier is not currently enrolled at classes at Michigan. He was removed from the team before the Gator Bowl because of what the school deemed an “academic issue.”

Mike Forcier insisted his son wants to remain in Ann Arbor despite the struggles with the school. It would make sense too, as his son is set to gain the most from the recent hire of Hoke, who may be able to put the younger Forcier’s passing skills to use in his new offense.

“Tate wants to stay (at U-M),” Mike Forcier told TheWolverine. “I didn’t come with a moving van. Our intent is to do whatever is necessary for him to rejoin the team and become a student-athlete again. We haven’t talked to any other schools and we won’t until we’ve exhausted every resource here. But Tate wants to stay and we want him to stay.”