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Brady Hoke Brings Strength And Conditioning Coach Aaron Wellman To Michigan

Although Michigan's entire football coaching staff (i.e. head coach Rich Rodriguez, the coordinators and positions coaches) was fired on Jan. 5, strength and conditioning coach Mike Barwis was not terminated. There was some thought that he could be kept around to continue being the strength and conditioning coach for the new head coach or at the very least work with other Michigan teams.

It's not clear what exactly Barwis will end up doing, but the latter option seems like his only chance to stay at Michigan, because San Diego State strength and conditioning coach Aaron Wellman is following Brady Hoke to Ann Arbor. Wellman has been the strength and conditioning coach of Hoke's teams since 2004, which is when he was first hired for the position at Ball State. He went to SDSU with Hoke and is now coming to Michigan.

Wellman was actually Michigan State's assistant strength and conditioning coach from 2001-03. He left MSU for Ball State a year later. Before that, he played football at Manchester College in Indiana (a Division III school), was a graduate assistant at the University of Indiana and served as IU's assistant strength and conditioning coach.

For the San Diego State fans out there, one possibility for Wellman's replacement could be one Mike Barwis. Former Michigan safety Vlad Emilien posted on Twitter earlier this week that he heard Barwis is headed to San Diego State to be the Aztecs' strength and conditioning coach. It's not known if that actually is true or not and so far Emilien is the only one to mention this rumor, but it wouldn't be too surprising. Rich Rodriguez is likely going to sit out the next season and not return to coaching until at least 2012, so Barwis likely won't be able to follow him anywhere in 2011. With the SDSU job open, why not spend a year in California now that the job at Michigan belongs to Wellman?