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Jon Hoke Not Joining Brother At Michigan?

A lot of names have been thrown out there as potential defensive assistants for Brady Hoke's new coaching staff at Michigan. One of them is Jon Hoke, Brady's brother. Jon Hoke is currently the Chicago Bears' defensive backs coach and many have speculated that he could come to Michigan to be his brother's defensive coordinator.

ESPN Chicago caught up with Jon Hoke, who is preparing for a playoff game with the Seattle Seahawks, earlier this week, and based on his comments a reunion in Ann Arbor looks unlikely.

"Really, we have never talked about it," Jon Hoke said. "He knows how I feel about pro football. He knows it's always been a dream of mine to coach in the National Football League. He knows I'm extremely happy here in Chicago."

Hoke has been in the NFL since 2002. That year he became the Houston Texans' defensive backs coach. He coached at Florida for three years before that and Missouri, Kent State, San Diego State and Bowling Green from 1983 to 1998, so he does have college experience. It sounds as though he would much rather stay in the NFL, though, so don't expect there to be two coaches named Hoke roaming the Michigan Stadium sideline this fall.