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Michigan Football News And Notes On The Brady Hoke Hire

Brady Hoke has been on the job as new Michigan football head coach for a few days now, so a lot has been written about the hire. Rather than break everything up into separate updates, I decided to take all of the news and notes I've accumulated in the last few days and simply combine them into one big post. As a result, you can check out all of the latest on the Brady Hoke hire below.

  • In the next 60 days it is expected that Michigan will pay San Diego State $1 million for Hoke's buyout. Interestingly, SDSU will get $1,016,800 more from Michigan after the two teams play in Michigan Stadium on Sept. 24. 
  • Hoke attended Wednesday's Michigan-Ohio State basketball game and sat courtside with Dave Brandon. Hoke got a big round of applause as he went to his seat and then got a standing ovation when he was officially introduced during the first commercial break. At halftime he went over to the student section and shook hands and gave high fives. Throughout the game he was shaking a lot of hands and getting congratulations, even from new Michigan governor Rick Snyder, a Michigan graduate who was also sitting courtside at the game. (Interestingly, Denard Robinson got what sounded like the loudest cheer of the night when he was shown on the videoboard after arriving in the second half.)
  • San Diego State did not get a call from Michigan asking for permission to speak to Hoke. SDSU's athletic director says that he didn't even find out that Hoke interviewed with Michigan until after it happened.
  • You can click here to read Hoke's letter to Michigan fans.
  • MGoBlue has a couple interesting videos: one detailing Hoke's career timeline and another looking at Hoke's first day behind the scenes.
  • MGoBlue also has a timeline of Hoke's first day, as well as a photo gallery.
  • Ohio State president Gordon Gee said that Hoke is a "fine new coach" and Ohio State fans should fear him. Let's hope he's right.
  • Hoke coached at Western Michigan in the 80s and was hired by Jack Harbaugh. Unsurprisingly Jack Harbaugh, John Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh all had good things to say about Hoke and Michigan's decision to hire him.
  • ESPN's Adam Rittenberg conducted a two-part interview with Hoke on Thursday. (By the way, Rittenberg heard from somebody in Ann Arbor that Will Campbell is going to move back to defensive tackle next season. He switched from DT to the offensive line during this past season, but perhaps playing on the D-line with a guy like Hoke as his head coach will help jump-start his career.)
  • Hoke informed his San Diego State team of his decision to leave for Michigan via text message, and he regrets not having a face-to-face meeting with them.
  • Current Detroit Lions and former Ball State offensive lineman Dan Gerberry did an interview with WDFN about Hoke.
  • The San Diego Union-Tribune's Tim Sullivan writes that SDSU fans shouldn't turn on Hoke for achieving his dream job.
  • This leads to the next tidbit of news: Kyle Turley, a former NFL offensive lineman and San Diego State Aztec, supposedly sent Hoke a text message on Wednesday that read, "I understand what you've got to do for you and yours but just the same … I hope you lose every damn game. That was a b.s. move, brother, and you know it." For what it's worth, Hoke said that while he has bigger fish to fry, he is going to reach out to Turley.
  • MGoBlue interviewed the winners of the contest that allowed them to attend Hoke's introductory press conference.
  • Les Miles got a new seven-year contract from LSU out of Michigan's coaching search. He also got a new deal back in 2007 when Michigan was looking for a head coach.
  • Missouri coach Gary Pinkel turned down an interview for the Michigan job when it was vacant.