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Rich Rodriguez To Serve As TV Analyst On National Signing Day

National signing day (Feb. 2 this year) usually keeps Rich Rodriguez pretty busy, and this year will be no different in that regard. What exactly Rodriguez will be up to on signing day will be quite the change, however.


As a head coach for the previous 10 years, Rodriguez spent January and the first few days of February working on putting the finishing touches on his recruiting classes. Signing day at Michigan included waiting to hear from recruits making last-second decisions, waiting to get letters of intent faxed in and having a press conference to talk about his recruiting class. As soon as signing day concluded, it was necessary to look ahead to the next one, as there was little time to rest.


This year signing day will be a much more relaxed event for Rodriguez, as he is going to be an analyst for CBS College Sports. Rodriguez will work alongside Tom Lemming, who called him up and invited him to be a part of the network's signing day coverage. Seeing fired coaches turn up on shows like this is nothing new, and this year Rodriguez will get a chance to venture into the TV world and get to share his views on the world of recruiting rather than have his decisions critiqued. The shoe will be on the other foot in this case.


Interestingly, Brady Hoke, who replaced Rodriguez at Michigan, is scheduled to appear on CBS College Sports' show at some point during the day. As expected, it's doubtful that Rodriguez will be involved in the interview, but if for some reason he is, that could make for some awkward television.