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Tate Forcier Shares List Of Potential Landing Spots

Quarterback Tate Forcier announced on Twitter earlier this month that he left the University of Michigan and will be transferring to a new school. Immediately speculation began about where he might end up when all is said and done, and Forcier shared a list of schools he's considering earlier this week.

According to Forcier, the list of FBS (a.k.a. I-A) schools he's considering includes Miami (FL), Washington, Baylor, San Diego State, Middle Tennessee State and New Mexico. His list of FCS (a.k.a. I-AA) schools includes Florida A&M, South Carolina State and Montana.

Even before it came out that Forcier was ineligible for the Gator Bowl and that he would be transferring, rumors were swirling about him ending up at Montana. When the rumor first came out it seemed a bit ridiculous since there were no signs of trouble at Michigan for Forcier, but now they make quite a bit of sense. Forcier's mom and dad visited Montana's campus in December, and although one athletic department official from the school thinks Forcier will end up at an FBS team, the Grizzlies are at the very least in consideration right now.

If Forcier decides to transfer to an FBS school, he will have to sit out the 2011 season. In 2012, he would be eligible to play and have two years left. If he opted to transfer to an FCS school, he would also have two years of eligibility remaining, but he wouldn't have to wait until 2012 to start playing. He would be immediately eligible since players going from FBS to FCS don't have to sit out a year.