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Michigan AD Dave Brandon To Meet With Rich Rodriguez Today

Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon and football head coach Rich Rodriguez will meet this afternoon to discuss Rodriguez’s future with the team.

Members of the football team will attend a 7 p.m. meeting tonight where they will learn for sure if Rodriguez will in fact be kept for another season in Ann Arbor.

Playing into Brandon’s decision could be the apparent rejection the university received from Stanford coach and Michigan alum Jim Harbaugh. The Detroit Free Press reported this morning that Harbaugh would be unlikely to accept the Michigan job should it become available.

However, was not so quick to dismiss Harbaugh-to-Michigan:

Two people familiar with the discussions said that substantive talks had not occurred between Brandon and Harbaugh, but they did not discount the possibility they could occur if Rodriguez is fired.

The only people who really know what’s going on are Dave Brandon and Jim Harbaugh, so until we hear from those two, nothing is certain.