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Report: Michigan 'Intends' To Fire Rich Rodriguez, But Hasn't Done So Yet is reporting that Rich Rodriguez is going to be fired by Michigan as head football coach, but the decision hasn’t been made yet.

Initially Fox 2 in Detroit reported that Rodriguez had been fired, but now it appears that process hasn’t taken place yet.

Michigan intends to fire Rich Rodriguez this afternoon, but a meeting between the embattled football coach and athletic director Dave Brandon had not yet happened, a source familiar with the situation told

Rodriguez’s wife, Rita, told the website that she didn’t know anything when she arrived at Schembechler Hall this afternoon.

The Detroit News also questioned the initial reports, only saying that the meeting between athletic director Dave Brandon and Rodriguez was taking place with the rumors about his job status swirling (also not missing an opportunity to take a jab at their rival, the Detroit Free Press, for not naming their sources).

The initial report today that Rodriguez and Brandon were going to meet today said that the players will find out their coach’s status at a 7 p.m. meeting. There’s a good chance we won’t find out anything officially from the university until then.