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College Football Rankings: Michigan, Michigan State Look To Move Up After Impressive Victories

The new college football rankings are expected to have Michigan closing in or entering the top 15 and Michigan State closing in on the top 20.

When the new college football rankings come out on Sunday afternoon, expect both Michigan and Michigan State to move up in the polls. The Wolverines destroyed Minnesota in the battle for the Little Brown Jug by shutting the Gophers out and dropping 58 points on them. The Spartans went to Columbus and shut down Ohio State in a 10-7 win.

Michigan and Michigan State are on a collision course with their annual game coming up in two weeks. Michigan still has to play Northwestern next week, but MSU has a bye. This means the Spartans are probably looking at being ranked somewhere in the high teens going into the game. They were already 25th in the USA Today Poll last week, and teams like TCU, Baylor, South Florida and Texas A&M all lost this week. The Spartans might not jump into the top 20 in the new polls, but by the week of the Michigan game I would bet they move up with other teams losing.

As for the Wolverines, they were 19th in both polls last week. Realistically, they could pass the following teams that lost: South Carolina, Virginia Tech, Florida, Texas A&M, Baylor and South Florida. I doubt all of those teams will fall below Michigan, but it does look like a top 15 ranking could be coming for the Wolverines. Who would've guessed that would happen after only five weeks of the Brady Hoke era?

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