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College Football Rankings: USA Today Poll Moves Michigan Up To 11th

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Following its 58-0 win over Minnesota, Michigan has received quite the bump in the polls. In the USA Today Poll, for example, Michigan has jumped eight spots from 19th to 11th. I figured Michigan would move into the top 15, but all the way up to 11th? I never would have imagined it would take Brady Hoke only five weeks to achieve the Wolverines' highest ranking since the 2007 preseason polls.

Michigan State also jumped up in the new USA Today Poll. After being ranked 25th this past week, Michigan State is now 20th thanks to its 10-7 win over Ohio State. The Spartans have a bye next week, so look for them to move up a few more spots if teams ahead of them lose.

Here is the full USA Today Poll for Week 6:

1. Oklahoma (27)

2. Alabama (21)

3. LSU (10)

4. Stanford

5. Wisconsin (1)

6. Boise State

7. Oklahoma State

8. Clemson

9. Oregon

10. Texas

11. Michigan

12. Arkansas

13. Georgia Tech

14. South Carolina

15. Nebraska

16. Illinois

17. Virginia Tech

18. Florida

19. West Virginia

20. Michigan State

21. Kansas State

22. Florida State

23. Auburn

24. Arizona State

25. Texas A&M