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Mitch McGary Reportedly Leaning Toward Michigan

Although 2012 basketball recruit Mitch McGary said in a blog post for ESPN on Monday that he doesn't have a leader, a number of reports to the contrary are emerging. Specifically, three different reports have come out in the past 24 hours that state McGary not only has a leader, but he is leaning toward the Michigan Wolverines.

Scout's Evan Daniels was the first to report that Michigan is a "major favorite" for McGary. ESPN's Dave Telep later tweeted that if he were to set the odds, he would "install Michigan as the favorite with McGary at this juncture." Finally, CBS Sports' Jeff Goodman tweeted that he is hearing McGary is leaning toward Michigan.

This news coincides with McGary's decision to cancel his future visits and make a decision in the next month. McGary didn't outright commit to anything, but he did say he hopes to have a decision made "within the next month."

As it stands right now, if a decision is made, it looks like Michigan is the favorite to land McGary, who is a five-star recruit and one of the top 2012 players in the nation. The 6-foot-10 McGary visited Michigan at the beginning of September, and I have to imagine he would be the Wolverines' highest rated recruit since the days of the Fab Five if he does decide to pick Michigan.

Obviously in recruiting things can change very quickly, but Michigan fans have to be excited over the news surrounding the Wolverines' basketball program and McGary. While he very well could be a one-and-done player, he could make an immense impact in his one year on campus, especially in Ann Arbor.