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College Football Rankings: USA Today Poll Moves Michigan Ahead Of Michigan State

Where are Michigan and Michigan State ranked in the Week 10 polls? What do the BCS standings projections look like? SB Nation Detroit examines the latest college football rankings news.

It's amazing how the college football rankings can change so dramatically after only one week. Last week, Michigan State moved into the top 10 after its win against Wisconsin, and the Spartans seemed to be in great shape to stay there if they beat Nebraska. Michigan, on the other hand, was in the late teens after having a week off. The Wolverines were closing in on the top 10 before losing to MSU, and a quick rise back up the polls didn't seem all that likely.

As it turns out, after Michigan State's loss to Nebraska and Michigan's win over Purdue, the two teams have essentially gone back to where they were before they played two weeks ago. Michigan State slid to 16th in the USA Today Poll, one spot behind Penn State, the Big Ten's lone unbeaten team in conference play. Michigan, thanks in part to several teams ahead in the rankings suffering a loss, jumped up to 13th in the USA Today Poll and are poised to make a run at the top 10 with a win at Iowa next week.

Here's a look at the full USA Today Poll for Week 10:

1. LSU

2. Alabama

3. Stanford

4. Oklahoma State

5. Boise State

6. Oregon

7. Oklahoma

8. Arkansas

9. Nebraska

10. South Carolina

11. Virginia Tech

12. Clemson

13. Michigan

14. Houston

15. Penn State

16. Michigan State

17. Wisconsin

18. Arizona State

19. Kansas State

20. Georgia

21. West Virginia

22. Cincinnati

23. Georgia Tech

24. Southern Miss

25. Texas