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BCS Standings Week 10: Michigan Comes In At No. 15, Michigan State No. 17

The official BCS standings have been released and the Michigan Wolverines move up three spots from No. 18 to No. 15 in the week 10 BCS standings after their 36-14 win over the Purdue Boilmakers. Michigan is now one spot away from being in consideration for an at-large berth and are only one spot behind one other Big 10 team, the Nebraska Cornhuskers who come in at No. 10.

The Michigan St. Spartans drop in the standings after their loss to Nebraska and fell down six spots to No. 17. Other Big 10 teams that appear in the standings are the Penn State Nittany Lions who are one spot ahead of Michigan State at No. 16, and rounding out the Big 10 teams are the Wisconsin Badgers who have lost two games in a row and are now at No. 20.

BCS Standings Week 10:

  1. LSU
  2. Alabama 
  3. Oklahoma State
  4. Stanford
  5. Boise State
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Arkansas
  8. Oregon
  9. South Carolina
  10. Nebraska
  11. Clemson
  12. Virginia Tech
  13. Houston
  14. Kansas State
  15. Michigan
  16. Penn State
  17. Michigan State
  18. Georgia
  19. Arizona State
  20. Wisconsin
  21. Texas
  22. Auburn
  23. Georgia Tech
  24. West Virginia
  25. Southern Miss