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College Football Rankings: USA Today Poll Moves Michigan Into Top 10

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Michigan's 42-24 win over Northwestern helped move them up another spot in the USA Today coaches' poll and into the top 10 this week. Michigan State, who was idle this week, also moved up a spot and into the No. 19 spot, thanks in large part to Florida's loss. As you'll see, Florida is no longer in the Top 25 (and neither is Florida State).

As you all know, No. 10 Michigan takes on No. 19 Michigan State next week in East Lansing. 

Here is the full Week 7 top 25 rankings from the USA Today Coaches Poll: 

1. Oklahoma (32)

2. LSU (15)

3. Alabama (11)

4. Wisconsin 

5. Stanford

6. Boise State

7. Oklahoma State

8. Clemson

9. Oregon

10. Michigan 

11. Arkansas

12. Georgia Tech

13. South Carolina 

14. Nebraska

15. Illinois

16. West Virginia

17. Virginia Tech

18. Kansas State

19. Michigan State

20. Arizona State

21. Texas

22. Houston

23. Texas A&M

24. Baylor

25. Penn State