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College Football Rankings: AP Poll Puts Michigan State Back Into Top 25

Despite being idle this week, Michigan State was able to move up a spot in the USA Today coaches' poll and back into the Top 25 in the Associated Press poll. That means the Michigan/Michigan State game is a Top 25 match up no matter how you slice it. 

As for Michigan, after their impressive 42-24 road win vs. Northwestern, they moved up a slot to the No. 11 spot in the AP rankings and would almost certainly get into the Top 10 in the AP Poll as well as the USA Today Poll with a win vs. MSU next weekend.

1. LSU

2. Alabama

3. Oklahoma

4. Wisconsin

5. Boise State

6. Oklahoma State

7. Stanford

8. Clemson

9. Oregon

10. Arkansas

11. Michigan

12. Georgia Tech

13. West Virginia

14. Nebraska

15. South Carolina

16. Illinois

17. Kansas State

18. Arizona State

19. Virginia Tech

20. Baylor

21. Texas A&M

22. Texas

23. Michigan State

24. Auburn

25. Houston