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Mitch McGary Once Again Reportedly Leaning Toward Michigan

2012 basketball recruit Mitch McGary, who is considered one of the top three players in the nation, is going to announce his decision later this week. When the announcement is made, the expectation is for McGary to select Michigan and become the Wolverines' highest rated recruit since the Fab Five days. This is based on a report from ESPN's Dave Telep, who cited an unnamed college assistant's prediction that McGary will choose Michigan.

This isn't the first time there have been whispers about McGary committing to Michigan. In October, reports from a few different outlets came out in a span of 24-48 hours that said McGary was favoring the Wolverines. It sounded like an announcement was going to be made shortly after the reports came out, but then the situation changed and McGary reportedly no longer had a frontrunner.

When McGary said last week that he has decided to end his recruitment this week, he included a list of three finalists: Michigan, Duke and Florida. Considering he hasn't even visited Florida, chances he won't choose to play in Gainesville. Duke is definitely a contender, but Michigan certainly seems to be emerging as the favorite to land McGary.