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Week 12 BCS Rankings: Michigan State, Michigan Move Up

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Both Michigan and Michigan State saw a small advance in this week's BCS rankings. The Spartans are the highest rated team in the Big Ten at No. 15 after their dominant win at Iowa. The Wolverines are not far behind them at No. 18, with fellow Big Ten teams Nebraska and Wisconsin between them:




2 Oklahoma State


3 Alabama


4 Oregon


5 Oklahoma


6 Arkansas


7 Clemson


8 Virginia Tech


9 Stanford


10 Boise State


11 Houston


12 South Carolina


13 Kansas State


14 Georgia


15 Michigan State


16 Nebraska


17 Wisconsin


18 Michigan


19 TCU


20 Southern Miss


21 Penn State


22 Baylor


23 Texas


24 Auburn


25 Florida State


LSU stayed at the No. 1 spot while Oklahoma moved up to No. 2 after their dominant 66-6 victory over Texas Tech. Alabama, whose only loss was to LSU a week ago, is at No. 3, with Oregon No. 4. Boise State's one point home loss to TCU dropped them to No. 10, which would still have them playing in a BCS bowl ahead of undefeated Houston.