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Michigan Vs. Western Illinois Score Update: Halftime Has Game Tied At 28-28

We've got a close one in Michigan as the Wolverines host the Western Illinois Leathernecks on Thursday. At halftime, the game is all tied up at 28-28, thanks to a free throw made by Tim Hardaway Jr. near the end of the first half to tie it up. Michigan jumped out to a pretty good lead early on, holding an eight-point advantage just over ten minutes into the first half when the score was 18-10 in their favor, but Western Illinois quickly came back to tie it up and the team's went on to exchange baskets for the remainder of the half.

Leatherneck Ceola Clark III is leading the way with 11 points, a rebound, two assists and a steal, while Michigan's Trey Burke has nine points and two assists. Both teams have kept the play extremely tight and close through one half and its anyone's guess as to how this ends up. Michigan is heavily favored in this game and is looking at hard tournament schedule ahead, but they'll first need to break this tie before thinking ahead.

You can turn the game on ESPN3 to follow along.