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Michigan's Brady Hoke Named Big Ten Coach Of The Year

On Wednesday, the Big Ten Conference announced that Brady Hoke, head coach of the Michigan Wolverines football team, was chosen as the Hayes-Schembechler Coach of the Year. The award is decided by conference coaches. The media also named him the Dave McClain Coach of the Year. 

Hoke led his team to a 10-2 record overall and a 6-2 mark within the Big Ten. He's the second Michigan coach to win at least 10 games in his first season, and the first to do so since 1901. He's just the fifth coach in Big Ten history to do so, as well. The team was 7-6 last season, before Hoke took over, the biggest win differential again, since 1901. Michigan's offense and defense were both productive, with their 34.2 points per game being ranked second in the Big Ten, with their defense's 17.2 points per game good for fourth in the league.

The McClain Coach of the Year award dates back to 1972 and is named after the former Wisconsin coach. This year is the inaugural awarding of the Hayes-Schembechler Coach of the Year honor, and it pays tribute to Ohio State's Woody Hayes and Michigan's Bo Schembechler.