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Michigan Vs. Iowa Score Update: Wolverines Trail 17-6 Heading Into Halftime

The Wolverines took a punt to begin the second quarter, but they couldn't do much. Starting from their own 22-yard line, they had to punt after a first down. Iowa got the ball back at their own 22-yard line, but had a much better time driving down the field. Marcus Coker got that started, with a 27-yard rush taking them just shy of Michigan territory. What followed were completions of 15 yards and 8 yards, then more rushes from Coker for 13 yards and 3 yards. Eventually, the Hawkeyes were set up with a 2nd and 7 at the Michigan 10-yard line, and James Vandenberg completed a pass to C.J. Fiedorowicz for 9 yards, and then Brad Herman caught the one-yard pass all by himself in the corner of the end zone.

An extra point put the Hawkeyes up 14-6. It was an 11-play, 78 yard drive. The Spartans got the ball back and started driving. Junior Hemingway caught a 13-yard pass and Fitzgerald Toussaint had a four-yard rush, but Denard Robinson was sacked and fumbled the ball, coughing it up to Tyler Nielsen at the Michigan 31-yard line .The Hawkeyes took the field position, added ten yards or so to it, and then sent out  Mike Meyer, who kicked a 42-yard field goal and put the Hawkeyes ahead 17-6.

The Wolverines started driving, with a 16-yard completion to Junior Hemingway and then a 19-yard rush from Denard Robinson. Unfortunately for Michigan, a tipped pass was picked off in Iowa territory by Christian Kirksey, and Iowa killed the clock to take it to halftime.