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Michigan Vs. Iowa Score Update: Wolverines Trail 17-9 Going Into Final Quarter

Michigan kicked off to start the second half and got things started the right way, forcing an Iowa punt after a single first down. James Vandenberg was sacked for a loss of eight yards on first down, and then was sacked again on third and long, this one for two yards, forcing the punt. Then they started driving immediately after. Fitzgerald Toussaint rushed for seven yards, three yards, one yard ... but also had two rushes for no gain. Denard Robinson picked up the slack on that, rushing for 22 yards. Eventually, they ended up at the Iowa 15-yard line and Brendan Gibbons booted a 32-yard field goal, bringing the score to 17-9, Iowa.

After that, the two teams exchanged punts and Iowa took over when the quarter came to an end, with Iowa leading 17-9. Michigan had a six play drive ... but it only went three yards overall after a big sack by Iowa.