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VIDEO: Controversial Call At End Of Michigan-Iowa game

Going into the fourth quarter against the Iowa Hawkeyes, the Michigan Wolverines were looking for a comeback. They started all the way back in their own territory on the 18-yard line. Denard Robinson sailed pass after pass over his open receivers, but in the end, he got himself out of jams. Completions to Martavious Odoms and Roy Roundtree eventually brought the Wolverines within striking distance of a win.

Set up at the three yard line with a 1st and goal, Robison threw an incomplete pass to Junior Hemmingway. Then he threw one that was ruled incomplete, but looked very much like a touchdown. Hemmingway turned, caught the ball, secured it, and came down with his knee inbounds and the ball seemingly inside the out-of-bounds line. An official review followed, while the commentary team debated the catch. The consensus seemed to be that it was a catch, but the officials ruled it incomplete. Robison fired off two more incompletions and the clock ran out (the last completion may have also been pass interference), handing Michigan a 24-16 loss.

But that play probably should have been a touchdown, many agree. After the jump, we've got a video, courtesy of SportsGrid: