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Michigan Coach Brady Hoke Seeking Explanation From Big Ten On Controversial Call

If you happened to miss it on Saturday, there was a very controversial call at the end of the Michigan-Iowa game. Denard Robinson threw a pass to Junior Hemmingway that most folks thought was a complete pass with just seconds remaining. It would have brought the Wolverines within a two-point conversion of the Hawkeyes to force overtime and keep their hopes of winning alive (video here). Instead, the referees ruled it incomplete (one signaled touchdown) and then confirmed the incomplete ruling after a replay. 


Now coach Brady Hoke has some comments on the matter, as he's adamant that the call was blown, and plans to seek explanation from the Big Ten office, according to Hoke says that he thought junior made the catch in-bounds. He goes on to note that even if the Big Ten comes out and says the call was blown, it won't make any difference, because a loss is a loss. Hoke notes that "it's just the way it goes." He's right, but it's still bad to see calls like that made, at such crucial points. There's more quotes here.