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Sugar Bowl 2012: Ticket Sales Update For Michigan, Virginia Tech

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Earlier in the week, tickets went on sale for the 2012 Sugar Bowl through Michigan and Virginia Tech. Each school received 17,500 tickets to sell, and Michigan made quick work of moving most of its seats. After one day, more than 13,000 tickets had been sold, and according to Angelique Chengelis on Saturday, almost all of the allotment is now gone for the Wolverines. That is not the case for Virginia Tech, however.

Virginia Tech has sold 9,200 of 17,500 Sugar Bowl ticket allotment by Fri p.m. - Roanoke Times. Michigan has nearly exhausted its allotment

To be fair to Virginia Tech, its public sale only began on Friday. Before then only season-ticket holders and donors had a chance to purchase tickets, so perhaps the sales will pick up now that the public has a chance to get seats. Then again, tickets are extremely cheap on the secondary market right now. On StubHub, for example, you can buy tickets to the Sugar Bowl for only $60. Face value for tickets is well over $100, so it's likely that many fans are buying on the secondary market rather than directly through Virginia Tech.

Timing-wise, it's good that Michigan put its tickets on sale early in the week before prices dropped. It seems most fans have bought tickets through the school. I'm sure many will end getting tickets from other sources, but the good news for Michigan is that its allotment will be gone by the time that happens.