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Sugar Bowl 2012: Off Tackle Empire Previews Michigan's Bowl Game

The excellent Big Ten-centric blog Off Tackle Empire is breaking down each of the Big Ten's bowl games. Last night Graham posted an extensive preview and prediction of the 2012 Sugar Bowl against Virginia Tech. Graham cites Michigan's vastly improved defense as a reason to believe that the Wolverines can come away with a victory against the Hokies in New Orleans:

Michigan's offense is well known to be incredibly explosive, but the Wolverines and Hokies average about the same amounts of YPG. Michigan will need to follow the same script that worked for them all year: Dominate the interior and if things aren't working, make big 2nd half adjustments.

Michigan's run defense has given up over 900 fewer yards and 21 fewer touchdowns than the 2010 edition did. That should fill the Wolverines with confidence as the Hokies are a run-centric team. some of Michigan's best performances this season have come against the best running backs they have faced.