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Sugar Bowl 2012: Michigan Researching Ways To Defeat Virginia Tech

The 2012 Sugar Bowl is still more than one week away, but the participants are busy preparing for the contest over the holidays. The Michigan Wolverines believe their research may have even found a way to circumvent the staunch defense of the Virginia Tech Hokies.

Al Borges, offensive coordinator for the Wolverines, has coached against the Hokies in the Sugar Bowl once before -- in 2005 while with the Auburn Tigers -- and says that Virginia Tech's schemes haven't changed all that much ever since. He did notice one thing while watching their previous games, however, that might allow his team a leg up, according to comments to

Borges said he's dissected the game film from those routs, and saw one significant weakness he plans to attack.

"(Clemson) got on the perimeter a few times," Borges said. "They got in the open field on them, and Clemson's got some pretty athletic kids. With anybody, if you can get some athletes in space, you have a good chance for success."

The Sugar Bowl will kickoff on Tuesday, Jan. 3, at 8:30 p.m. on ESPN.