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College Basketball Rankings: Michigan State, Michigan Move Up Three Spots Each

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The USA Today/ESPN Top 25 Coaches Poll is out for the week of Dec. 26, and for the first time in a long time, there's no major shakeups in the top ten. In fact, the top five remains completely intact, with Syracuse occupying first place with 30 votes and Ohio State following up with the other lone first-place vote. Kentucky, Louisville and Duke round out the top five on the list.

There's some significant changes for Michigan and Michigan State to note, however. The Wolverines jumped up three spots to No. 16 on the list, and they're winners in five straight games. Since the last poll, they've picked up another win, though it was minor. They have some other teams dropping majorly to help them along the Coaches Poll, but a ranking is a ranking, regardless of why you have it.

Michigan State improved to 11-2, and they moved up three spots as well, to No. 17. They're just twenty points behind Michigan on the rankings and are climbing each week.