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BCS Bowl Games Selection Show Set For Sunday Night

Update: Latest BCS Rankings are here. The 2012 BCS bowl games will have their matchups announced on Sunday night on ESPN.

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The Michigan Wolverines and other teams in contention for an at-large bid will learn their BCS fate on Sunday night. ESPN's BCS bowl games selection show is set for 8:15 p.m. (Eastern Time) and will break the news about LSU's opponent in the BCS National Championship, if Michigan is headed to the Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl or a non-BCS game and what the other BCS matchups look like.

When the selection show happens, the expectation is for Michigan to be announced as one of the at-large teams. The Wolverines should jump into the top 14 in the new BCS standings, and they likely will end up in the Sugar Bowl or Fiesta Bowl. It all depends on if Oklahoma State or Alabama take on LSU in the title game. If the Fiesta Bowl loses the Cowboys, Michigan will likely be tabbed as their replacement. The same goes for the Sugar Bowl if Alabama is lost to the title game.

As it stands right now, there are four teams' destinations set in stone. Wisconsin and Oregon are headed to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena after winning the Big Ten Championship Game and the Pac-12 Championship Game, respectively. Clemson is off to the Orange Bowl in Miami after taking down Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship Game. And, of course, LSU is going to play in the BCS National Championship in its own backyard (New Orleans).

Teams like West Virginia, Oklahoma State and Alabama are all for sure in the BCS as well. Where exactly they will end up remains to be seen, but we will all find out on Sunday night on ESPN.