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Spring Practice Dates Out For Michigan, Michigan State

It's hard to believe, but spring practice is right around the corner. It certainly doesn't feel anything like spring right now considering the temperature in Ann Arbor was below zero this morning, but football is on the horizon in the Big Ten.


Brady Hoke's first spring practice as head coach of the Michigan Wolverines is slated to get started on March 19. Michigan's spring game will be held on April 16, when fans will get their first chance to see the new-look Wolverines. It's unknown what format the spring game will have (i.e. an actual game, more of a scrimmage or just drills like Lloyd Carr used to do), but whatever happens it will be interesting to see how different Michigan looks under Hoke.


Michigan State's spring practice begins on March 22. The Spartans' spring game won't be held until April 30, meaning their practices will be spread out more than Michigan's. Since MSU's semester ends after Michigan's, the Wolverines need to get their spring practice done before exams. The extra time MSU has allows them to spread the practices out and not hold the spring game until the end of April.