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Tate Forcier Narrows Transfer Choices To Five Schools

ESPN’s Joe Schad is apparently the unofficial media spokesperson for Tate Forcier as he decides which school he’ll be transferring to.

After announcing his departure from Michigan via Twitter, Forcier told Schad he was looking at nine football programs for a potential new destination. Now, it appears that the former Michigan quarterback has narrowed his list to five schools.

Kansas State, Washington, Arizona, Miami and Montana are the programs Forcier is considering. All but Montana are FBS (Division I-A) schools, which would require him to sit out a year upon transferring. Yet Montana has been a rumored destination since Forcier was ruled ineligible for the Gator Bowl.

According to Schad, Forcier will begin visiting his transfer choices on Monday and hopes to get all his visits done this coming week. Kansas State or Miami is believed to be the first school Forcier will check out on his cross-country tour. Schad will surely keep us updated on what Forcier’s next move will be.