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Bracketology 2011: Joe Lunardi Moves Up Seeds For Michigan, Michigan State

Going into the 2011 Big Ten tournament, all of the posts about bracketology focused on if Michigan and Michigan State were in the NCAA tournament. After Michigan got a win against Illinois in Indianapolis and Michigan State got wins over Iowa and Purdue, now the point of looking at bracketology revolves around seeding.


Both the Wolverines and Spartans are likely in at this point, as ESPN's Joe Lunardi doesn't have either team on the bubble anymore. In fact, Lunardi moved Michigan up to a 10 seed and Michigan State up to a nine seed in his latest bracketology. MSU's win over Purdue was certainly nice, but I didn't expect to see the Spartans with a single-digit seed. I guess Lunardi likes them quite a bit, though.


Specifically, Lunardi has Michigan State playing in Cleveland against Old Dominion. With a win, the Spartans would draw No. 1 seed Pittsburgh barring a massive upset by No. 16 seed Boston University. This setup would put MSU in the West (Anaheim) region.


Michigan is a 10 seed in Tampa in Lunardi's latest bracketology. The Wolverines are matched up against UNLV and would likely go up against Texas, the two seed in the Southeast (New Orleans) region, with a win over the Rebels.