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Where Are They Now: Demar Dorsey

Around this time a year ago, recruit Demar Dorsey was planning on coming to Michigan. He picked the Wolverines on signing day in February 2010, and Rich Rodriguez took some criticism for offering a scholarship to someone with a history of some trouble as a teenager. Rodriguez defended himself, however, and stood up for Dorsey as well.


Unfortunately for Rodriguez, Dorsey never made it to the University of Michigan. When it became clear he wouldn't be accepted at U-M, Dorsey instead went to Louisville, and it seemed as though he would be playing football there in 2010. That never materialized either, and this offseason there were rumblings about him going to Florida State. Those rumors were false, though.


In the end, Dorsey did in fact end up in Michigan, but not in Ann Arbor. Instead he enrolled at Grand Rapids Community College, where he will be playing football for potentially two seasons under head coach Tony Annese. If Dorsey earns his associates degree at GRCC, he can transfer to a Division I school to play college football. Should that happen, I'm sure people will point to Michigan as a possible favorite to land Dorsey the second time around, but with a new coaching staff in place and what happened the first time, I have a hard time believing that would be the case. Regardless, that's probably a couple years down the road anyway.