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Cullen Christian Reportedly Transferring To Pittsburgh

Former Michigan cornerback Cullen Christian, who decided last week to transfer, has reportedly decided on a new school: Pittsburgh.

Christian is from the Pittsburgh area, so this is no surprise. This is also no surprise because former Michigan defensive backs coach Tony Gibson is now at Pittsburgh. When Ray Vinopal decided in March to transfer from Michigan, he picked Pittsburgh in part because it was closer to home (he's from Youngstown, OH) and likely in part because his position coach would be the same one he had at Michigan when Rich Rodriguez was the head coach.

Christian played in 11 games as a true freshman last season at Michigan. He, like Vinopal, will spend the 2011 season redshirting. Both players will be eligible to play again in 2012, and they will do so as redshirt sophomores.

Christian and Vinopal are the only two players to leave the Michigan football program so far since Brady Hoke became the head coach.