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Tate Forcier Not Transferring To Miami After All

After it became obvious that Michigan wasn't all that interested in keeping Tate Forcier after he had grade issues in the fall 2010 semester, the decision to transfer was made. Forcier had five schools on his final list, and he ultimately chose Miami (FL). The reason Forcier chose Miami was that it "had the best opportunity" and there was a lot of "positive energy" with new head coach Al Golden.

Fast forward to now and Forcier is not going to Miami, according to's Heather Dinich. Forcier's reasoning to not make the move to Miami is "because of personal reasons," and the report later states that this was a family decision.

Immediately there was speculation that Forcier wasn't going to transfer because Miami just got a transfer from former Memphis QB Ryan Williams. Both ESPN and the Miami Herald report that Forcier's decision was made before Williams decided to join Miami, though.

As of right now it's not clear where Forcier will end up, but perhaps it will be one of the other schools on his original list of possible destinations.