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Michigan Football's Darryl Stonum Pleads Not Guilty To Charges

Michigan football wide receiver Darryl Stonum, who was arrested earlier this month for a DUI, pleaded not guilty to the two charges levied against him on Friday. One of the charges was operating a vehicle while intoxicated (for the second time) and the other was driving with a suspended license.

Stonum's pre-trial hearing is scheduled for the morning of May 20. In the meantime Stonum was ordered to pay a $500 bond. He also must submit to breath tests by 8:30 a.m. each day.

Stonum is also suspended indefinitely from the football team right now. In order to get back on the team and out of the doghouse, he is being punished by going through some early, early morning workouts.

Lewis told Creal that Stonum is "working really hard" at his punishment schedule. Stonum told the judge the punishment from the football program takes two hours and involves being awake by 4 a.m. and pulling a 45-pound plate, and he also has 1,500 yards a day of sled pulls. 

"He'll be enjoying that for a while," Hoke said Friday.

This punishment is part of Hoke's three-strike punishment system. If a player gets to a third strike, his teammates would be subjected to the same punishment, so I'm guessing Stonum will think twice before getting in trouble again, especially since this is the second drunken driving-related incident he's been involved in.