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Big Ten/ACC Challenge 2011 Matchups Announced

The Big Ten/ACC Challenge will feature 12 matchups for the first time in its history this year. The ACC has had 12 teams in its conference for a while now, but the Big Ten's 12th team, Nebraska, is only joining this year. The Cornhuskers will debut in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge against Wake Forest. The full schedule for this year's event is below.


Tuesday, Nov. 29
Miami at Purdue
Northwestern at Georgia Tech
Illinois at Maryland
Michigan at Virginia
Clemson at Iowa
Duke at Ohio State


Wednesday, Nov. 30
Indiana at North Carolina State
Penn State at Boston College
Florida State at Michigan State
Virginia Tech at Minnesota
Wake Forest at Nebraska
Wisconsin at North Carolina


With an even number of games, the possibility of a 6-6 tie now exists. In the case of a tie, the conference that won the previous year's event will simply keep the Commissioner Cup. The Big Ten has won the event two years in a row, so if there is a tie this year it will keep the trophy.