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The Tate Forcier 'Pick A School' Tour Begins Anew

It’s been almost two weeks since former Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier announced that he would not be transferring to the University of Miami, as originally planned.

On Tuesday, Forcier talked to ESPN’s Joe Schad, who had become an unofficial spokesperson for the quarterback as he decided where he would play football next. During their chat, he explained what exactly convinced him that Coral Gables wasn’t the best place for him. Apparently, Forcier finally looked at a map and realized Florida is a long way from California.


“I just didn’t feel comfortable and wanted to be closer to home,” Forcier said. “Miami is completely on the other side of the country. It would have been fun playing there. But I just wanted to be closer so my parents can afford to come to the games.”

Perhaps the impulsiveness of Forcier’s decision finally dawned on him. Originally, he was set to visit five schools, including Kansas State, Washington, Arizona and Montana. Miami was believed to be the first stop on his tour, and Forcier quickly decided that’s where he wanted to transfer. It’s not known if he got around to visiting the other programs.

According to Schad, Forcier has drawn up a new list of possible transfer destinations. Kansas State and Montana (where he’s long been rumored to end up) are still on his list. The other programs he’s looking at are mostly California schools, including USC and his hometown University of San Diego and San Diego State.

Forcier is also interested in Auburn. That’s probably an astute choice, since the Tigers just won the national championship. But Forcier may also want to consult a map, since Auburn is about 2,000 miles away from San Diego. It’s approximately 800 miles closer than Miami, but would still be quite a trip for his parents to make every football Saturday.