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Michigan Football Recruiting: What Effect Will Jim Tressel News Have On Bri'onte Dunn?

The long-term effect of Jim Tressel resigning from Ohio State remains to be seen. There is no telling what this could do to the Ohio State football program for years to come, especially once sanctions from the NCAA are handed down for the violations he is leaving behind.

The short-term effect of Tressel parting ways with OSU will be seen on the recruiting trail with players already committed to the Buckeyes and players strongly considering them. Just look at running back Bri'onte Dunn, who is from Canton, Ohio.

In the wake of the allegations against the OSU football program, Dunn started showing more interest in Michigan and even visited Ann Arbor. He maintained he was committed to OSU, but all of that could change now that Tressel has resigned.

Tom VanHaaren spoke with Dunn's father shortly after the news came out about Tressel. Dunn's father said there hasn't been any discussion about the OSU situation yet, but he and Bri'onte will "sit down and talk about everything soon." Dunn's father also said that they want to see what happens with NCAA sanctions, because being banned from a bowl game would be a big deal to Dunn.

Needless to say, the news about Tressel and OSU's NCAA problems will certainly give some recruits some thinking to do.