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Michigan Football's Darryl Stonum Sentenced For OWVI Charge

Michigan football wide receiver Darryl Stonum was sentenced on Friday for the charge of operating while visibly impaired second offense. After reaching a plea agreement last week, he was sentenced to two years of probation and a suspended sentence of 365 days in jail. Just like his first run in with the law because of a drunk driving arrest, Stonum could end up in jail if he violates his probation.

Part of Stonum's probation will include a court sobriety program. If Stonum completes it, he will have the charge of driving with a suspended license thrown out as per the plea agreement. However, Stonum was ticketed in an unrelated stop on Thursday for driving with a suspended license.

As it stands right now, Stonum is still indefinitely suspended from the Michigan football program.

"Nope," Hoke responded when asked if Stonum's status had changed after he was sentenced to two years probation Friday for the DUI charge - his second in three years at Michigan. "We're just evaluating the whole process. There are things we are looking at as a team, personal and legal and all that."

Hoke went on to say that there is "some different criteria" he wants to see before Stonum is allowed to rejoin the team.