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Chad Ford Mock Draft: Darius Morris To The Houston Rockets

The most recent Chad Ford NBA mock draft on ESPN has Michigan basketball's Darius Morris being picked in the first round. For the last month or so Morris has been just on the outside of the first round, but this mock draft has him going 23rd overall to the Houston Rockets.


Ford explains that Morris is a steal at this point in the draft. He has great size for a point guard and would go well with the Rockets' earlier first-round pick in this mock draft, Nikola Vucevic from USC. The reason Morris isn't a higher pick is because he isn't a great shooter, but Ford thinks Morris will still go in the first round. The shooting is something that can be improved, and already Morris is an outstanding passer.


Ford recently broke down all of the players in the draft into different tiers, and he has Morris in "Tier 5." This tier consists of players that "look like locks for the first round but most likely won't make the lottery." Considering Morris was considered to be an early second-rounder in many of Ford's previous mock drafts, it's definitely not a bad thing to look like a lock for the first round.