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Austin Hatch Update: Still In Coma; Dog Also Survived Plane Crash

As of Monday, Michigan basketball commit Austin Hatch was still in a drug-induced coma. Originally the plan was for him to be taken out of the coma on Monday, but doctors decided to wait for results of a CT scan.

There is some good news to report, though.

But sources tell us they have observed movement in all four of Austin’s extremities and they feel it's a positive sign.

Some other good news is that Brady, a dog belonging to the Hatch family, somehow managed to survive the plane crash. Brady was picked up by animal control on Saturday afternoon within a mile of the site of the plane crash. A scan of his microchip revealed that he was owned by the Hatch family. Their other dog, Ally, did not survive the crash.

One other bit of good news to pass along is that the NCAA is reportedly going to work with Michigan to allow the school to help Hatch. Recruiting rules would normally prevent Michigan from becoming too involved, but considering the circumstances, Hatch needs all of the help he can get, and the NCAA realizes that.

I wish there was more good news relating to Hatch's condition to pass along, but there hasn't been an update since the one mentioned at the start of this post. While we wait for an update on his condition the best thing to do is to pray for Hatch and leave well-wishes for Hatch and his family at his CaringBridge site.