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NCAA 12 Player Ratings For Big Ten Leak Out

NCAA 12 doesn't come out until July 12, but many player ratings have already been leaked in a few videos. One video focuses on player ratings for Big Ten teams, and the ratings for Michigan and Michigan State players show that once again EA Sports did a pretty poor job of putting together the rosters.

First things first, here's the video (Michigan ratings start at the 2:09 mark; MSU ratings start at 2:46):

Michigan's five best players are David Molk (95), Denard Robinson (91 overall, 95 speed), Mike Martin (89), Roy Roundtree (89) and Jordan Kovacs (89). Even as a Michigan fan I will admit that EA Sports routinely overrates Michigan, and this year may take the cake. Kovacs being an 89 is bad enough, but Michigan kicker Seth Broekhuizen being an 82 is beyond ridiculous. Did anybody at EA watch any Michigan games last season?

Michigan State's roster isn't much better. The Spartans' top five players are Edwin Baker (91), Dan Conroy (91), Kirk Cousins (91), Trenton Robinson (90) and Joel Foreman (88). Somehow Jerel Worthy is only an 83 despite being considered a possible top 10 pick in next year's NFL Draft. (Perhaps just as bad is William Gholston only being a 71 and being listed as a middle linebacker.)

I don't know what on earth the person that put the rosters together for NCAA 12 was thinking, but thankfully you can replace them with ones downloaded online. Every year people that have the game work together to create much more accurate rosters, and you can bet I will be replacing the default ones as soon as possible.