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Michigan Football Recruiting: Kyle Kalis Discusses Decision To Commit

Ohio offensive tackle Kyle Kalis committed to Michigan over the weekend. The decision came less than a month after he decommitted from Ohio State. Since it's not every day that a former OSU commit switches to Michigan, especially when he is a five-star offensive tackle, ESPN took notice of Kalis' decision and spoke to him about why he opted to become a Wolverine rather than a Buckeye.

"I can't go there (Ohio State) and take penalties for something I never did," Kalis told on Monday. "Ohio State is a great program. I'm just not sure how long it will take them to recover. I want a solid, grounded coaching staff with a safe environment. Where there aren't such tough questions."

Kalis actually said he is an Ohio State fan, but he didn't want to go to a program dealing with such "turmoil and uncertainty." Although Michigan did just undergo a coaching change of its own, it's clear that Brady Hoke is leading the program going forward. Luke Fickell could very well just be OSU's head coach for one season and nothing more. That and the fact that Hoke is the type of guy Kalis wants to play for contributed to his decision to commit to Michigan, and when he did commit he called Hoke from the block "M" logo in Michigan Stadium.

Unsurprisingly, Kalis' switch from Ohio State to Michigan has raised a lot of eyebrows, and he might not be the only one to make the change when all is said and done. Kalis himself said the "Michigan-Ohio border is now open," and that is very good news for Hoke and company.