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Big Ten Media Days 2011: Notes From Mark Dantonio's Press Conference

Opening statement:

  • "Kirk Cousins is a young man that is not only an outstanding player on the field, but also brings a sense of calm and confidence to our football team."
  • "We have great team chemistry in our locker room right now."
  • "Jerel Worthy sort of anchors our defensive line."
  • "We need to stay healthy."
  • The coaching staff is very strong.

Answers to questions:

  • The team climbed one mountain last season and found out there's another mountain to climb after the performance against Alabama in the Capital One Bowl.
  • "I think the championship game in this conference will be very exciting for everybody."
  • Nebraska joining the Big Ten strengthens the conference's brand as a whole.
  • The setup of the conference strengthens Michigan State's recruiting.
  • Linebackers are a little bit inexperienced.
  • Michigan State's offense can be "very, very good."
  • The offensive line is pretty much set.
  • "Edwin Baker is a phenomenal player."
  • High draft projections for someone like Jerel Worthy helps with recruiting.
  • On the Jim Tressel situation: "It's very heart wrenching for me and my family."
  • Tressel becomes a "tragic hero."