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Austin Hatch's Condition Continues To Improve

It has been more than a week since Michigan basketball recruit Austin Hatch was in a tragic plane crash that killed his father and step-mother. Hatch survived the crash, but he has been in critical condition with multiple injuries, including a fractured skull and brain swelling.

Updates on Hatch's status have been posted on his CaringBridge website. The latest update was on Saturday, and it notes that Hatch's condition is improving.

Austin had another good and restful night.  The concern regarding brain swelling has subsided and his condition continues to improve.  We are encouraged by Austin's response to the excellent medical care he is receiving, a testament to his prior athletic training regimen.  We will keep all of you posted with any meaningful changes in his condition. God bless you all.

The preliminary report on what caused the plane crash was released on Saturday. According to the report, Dr. Stephen Hatch attempted an instrument approach to Charlevoix Municipal Airport before crashing. The thinking is the plane stalled when Hatch tried to turn back toward the runway and dipped below the minimum altitude allowed for the approach he was attempting.

"Pilots would make an instrument approach for practice or because they can't see," he said. "It seems as though he was either disoriented or confident enough where he thought he could descend below the minimums. He did, but it was not the right thing to do. It was poor decisionmaking."

The plane was originally scheduled to land in Boyne Falls, but it was diverted to Charlevoix. Currently the reason for the change is unknown.