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Michigan Football Recruiting: Kyle Kalis A Silent Commit?

Ever since five-star Ohio offensive tackle Kyle Kalis decommitted from Ohio State last month, there have been rumors that he in turn committed to the Michigan football recruiting class. He visited the Wolverines right after decommitting from Ohio State, and all signs have pointed to Michigan being in very good shape with Kalis.

More signs that Kalis will ultimately end up being a Wolverine came this week from's Tony Gerdeman, who said Kalis is silently committed to Michigan based on what he has heard.

Fwiw, I'm told Kyle Kalis is a silent UM commit, but he's not been so silent when trying to lure current OSU commits to UM.

If this is indeed true, one reason why Kalis may not have gone public with his commitment is because of the extra backlash he would get from Ohio State fans. After decommitting from OSU there were undoubtedly a lot of upset Buckeye fans, and quickly announcing a commitment to Michigan would only make the situation for him even worse. In that regard, perhaps he is just waiting for things to quiet down a bit before announcing anything.