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College GameDay Location Decided For Michigan-Notre Dame Game

When ESPN's College GameDay comes to Ann Arbor for the Michigan-Notre Dame game in a couple weeks, its set will be located at the Ingalls Mall. This is the same spot that ESPN's SportsNation originated from when it came to Ann Arbor last year, so it's not too surprising that GameDay will be there as well.


For those not aware of where the Ingalls Mall is (like me before SportsNation came to campus), it is the area in between the Modern Language Building and the Alumni Center/Michigan League. The set will likely be right across from the Rackham Graduate School building, and in the backdrop you should be able to see the Burton Tower, the fountain and the area where the Diag is located.


The Diag is actually where I was hoping GameDay would set up shop when it comes to Ann Arbor, but the location ESPN settled on is fine by me. I'm just glad the show will be on campus and not somewhere near the stadium. By being on campus, more students should show up, and the bigger the crowd the better for the first edition of GameDay in Ann Arbor in four years.